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SNG Audio Jatt Series JT-12

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SNG Audio Jatt Series JT-12

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SNG Audio Jatt Series JT-12

12" Subwoofer

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  • 800w RMS
  • Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil

Adam Rayner review courtesy of Talk Audio:

Overall rating    
Sound Quality     8.0
Build Quality     9.0
Power Handling     10.0
Efficiency     7.0
Value For Money     10.0

Nowadays Car Audio & Entertainment products are everywhere! Anyone who thinks they can create a bit of bass wants to try their hand in it. The result is a market full of complete and utter crap. Amongst the waste however, is a gem! Here is the latest wave in ultimate SQL (Not quite SPL but not quite SQ, bordering on both Sound Pressure Level and Sound Quality and doing both equally as good as any woofer for any price).  

SNG Audio is here and its hitting off with a big boom!


Before we start, we need to save you from the panic of seeing the price later. These subwoofers are retailing for £150!!!!! Not £300 as you would expect, £150!


Born out of the need for a revolution in Car Audio, the SNG Audio designers and engineers overcame many challenges to offer you extraordinary performance, supreme reliability and serious audiophile quality sound.


The SNG Audio JT-12 is the first street subwoofer to be released from SNG and we know for a fact that it is simply untouchable in its class (and price range. Infact, if you double the price you will find nothing to touch it!) SNG were fed up of hearing about "low frequency moster subs", they wanted to show the world that there is more to bass than 32Hz. "Do these people forget that theres a whole load of bass at the upper frequency end too?" SNG say.


They wanted a subwoofer that could handle the lows as good as any but also delved into the realms of accurate bass at all frequencies. The JT-12 was born! With 23mm Xmax at its disposal it can definately hit all the lows but also blends the gap between the rest of your sound system very easily.



  • Kevlar reinforced woven cone:   Yes you read correctly. We used kevlar (the bulletproof stuff) to help give the cone strength and reduce flexing under extreme use. The dustcap is woven to give the cone more stiffness while being light. We also found it was less prone to cracking when something hit it than the inverted dustcap other manufacturers use. Lets face it, its going to be in your boot with other things that could hit it -the less fragile the better right?


  • Flat tinsel leads: We use flat tinsel leads as they dissipate heat better than regular tinsel leads due to the increased cooling area. The leads are also stuck to the spider to eliminate tinsel lead slap.


  • Easy connect connectors: The connectors are a patented high grip push terminal that securely holds the wire in place, eliminating the need for an allen key. We also placed all four terminals on one side of the speaker so wiring in parallel/series is easier than ever! no need to trail the cable around the speaker!


  • Aluminium trim ring: The trim ring adds to the "wow factor" once the speaker is installed. It is made from highly polished aluminium that gives the installed speaker a touch of class.


  • 3" Kapton coated voice coil: The kapton helps draw heat out of the coils so you can keep playing for longer.


  • Why Dual 4: We chose dual 4ohm coils because it allows a greater choice of amplifier; if running one speaker there are a whole host of amplifiers that deliver 700-1000w @ 2ohm. If running two speakers, likewise there are plenty of amps which deliver 1500-1800w @ 1ohm.


  • Box: The JT-12 is designed to perform equally well in sealed or vented enclosures. For tight very accurate bass, use a sealed box (1-1.5 cuft). If you prefer louder fuller bass use a ported box (2.5 cuft @ 33hz)

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